Renovo Plastic Window Polish 100ml

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This plastic window polish delivers amazing results when applied to any plastic windows, perspex screens, lights, crash helmet visors, and even plastic garden furniture, light aircraft canopies and yacht portholes!åÊ It removes clouding and discolouration quickly and easily.åÊ (Please note that internal defects such as yellowing and crazing cannot be rectified.)

“Why does my rear window cloud up?”åÊ I hear you ask.åÊ Every time the soft-top is folded, microscopic scratches are formed on the surface of the perspex, causing the window to look cloudy and creating poor visibility, which of course is not only unattractive but also potentially dangerous.

This amazing liquid plastic window polish:

  • Restores transparency
  • Removes cloudiness
  • Reduces scratches and staining on the surface
  • Cleans and conditions in minutes
  • Just polish it on and polish it off
  • This small bottle is a gigantic performer – a little goes a long way!


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