Professional Services

Professional Detailing

At Elite Car Care we offer various levels of Professional Detailing work from our modern Bourne End premises, whether it’s purely for maintenance purposes or full correction and show preparation.

Paint Correction

Are you looking for a showroom finish to your paintwork but are unsure of where to start? Modern paints have a clear coat lacquer which is particularly easy to damage…

Paintless Dent Removal

Elite Car Care offers a Paintless Dent Repair Service, which is second to none, from our premises in Bourne End. Before you commit to expensive paintwork, if you have a dent and the surface of the…

Paint Protection Film

Why should you consider Paint Protection Film for your car? Prevention of Stone Chips and scuffs. Modern water based paint are less resilient to chips than older solvent based paint. Deterioration of roads causing more loose media on the surface.

Professional Window Tinting

Elite Car Care are specialist installers of tinted and security automotive window films. All our car window tinting installations are professionally completed in our fully equipped, clinically clean premises. This is to ensure the very best blemish free installation…

Wheel Refurbishment

Many people feel their wheels complete the look of their car as they are what most people notice first.  Therefore they need to look…

Alloygator Approved Fitting

Prevention is always better and in most cases cheaper than cure, hence why Alloygators have been created, not only do they prevent damage, they can also mask minor damage and give your wheels a facelift.

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Gtechniq was born out of pure science, the love of cars and the desire to create the best car care products, with a focus on protective coatings – the cornerstone of our success.

Leather Connolising and Repair

Connolising is a term coined for the recolouring of leather. The Connolly Tannery (now no longer in existence) was next door to the Rolls Royce factory and they built up a reputation based on the fact…

Enhancement detail

This detail has been designed to remove light surface swirling, marring and defects which have been inflicted during washing and drying by including a single stage machine polishing process. This level of detail is designed as a futher extension of our protection details.

Elite Platinum Detail

The Elite Platinum Detail has been designed for the purveyor of excellence and perfection. It puts the customer’s love for their vehicle way beyond financial cost and any sensible reasoning, during this detail Elite Car Care are given the opportunity to do what we do best.

Correction Detail

This detail is designed to remove major paint defect and significantly enhance the colour and surface gloss of the vehicle. We recommend this service for poorly maintained vehicles of all ages.

New Car Paint Protection Detail

Vehicle thoroughly pre-washed, degreased and tar deposits removed using a combination of our own formula wax-safe pre-wash, citrus degreasers and tar removers followed by a wash with a pH neutral shampoo and soft natural lambswool mitts

Maintenance Detail

A high quality sealant or wax is then carefully applied to the bodywork, due to our extensive range of products we can match or use a similar product to that previously applied.

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