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In the middle ages, wise, bearded men used alchemy to try and produce the elixir of life; we’ve used it to create a new brand of detailing products that breathe new life into your paintwork. By mixing and blending ingredients, we’ve developed a range of products that not only work well but are easy to use and have durability. But we didn’t stop there; we’ve also sourced the best tools for the job- high quality microfibres and applicators, sturdy, well-sized buckets and long lasting brushes.

We have years of grass roots detailing experience- we developed the brand with pure integrity. But this is only the start of the Alchemy journey, come with us and live the detailed life.

A few years ago we embarked on this journey to create a range that didn’t just work, but worked how we wanted it to. We thought it would be a simple case of developing and testing, and it was, but we’re pretty particular. We tested, made improvements and tested again. Then we had our guinea pigs try it on different cars, different paint and different paint colours. This wasn’t something that we could rush, it needed to be right. It was worth the research though, because now we have a range of detailing products that we’re not only proud to call our own, but that we can proudly use ourselves.

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