New Car Protection Detail (Three Days)

What is included in this service?

This detail has been designed to make the most of your new car’s paintwork which, despite being new, could surprise you with how much it will/can improve.  Also, by protecting all of your new vehicle’s surfaces, it will be much easier to maintain and will keep that “just left the showroom” look for longer.

  • Vehicle thoroughly pre-washed, degreased and tar deposits removed using a combination of our own formula wax-safe pre-wash, citrus degreasers and tar removers, followed by a wash with a pH neutral shampoo and soft natural lambswool mitts.
  • Wheels, arches, engine bay and shuts thoroughly cleaned with non-acidic, quality products.
  • Vehicle surfaces and wheels decontaminated and clayed to remove all bonded contamination such as tar, tree sap and brake dust deposits.
  • Vehicle dried carefully using a combination of extremely soft, plush towels, drying lubricant and warm air.
  • Thorough inspection of the vehicle to ensure the dealership’s own inspection was up to par and any issues brought to the customer’s attention.
  • The paintwork is then machine polished with light to medium compounds, and any more significant marks addressed with more intense polishing, to achieve the most flawless finish possible.
  • A ceramic coating is then applied for maximum durability.  The exact product used can be discussed when being given a custom quote for your vehicle.
  • Wheels are removed and cleaned, followed by application of a ceramic coating all over, giving up to 2 years protection (depending on coating chosen).
  • Tyres are cleaned to remove traces of previous dressing, then a non-sling dressing is applied.
  • Any unpainted plastics are dressed.
  • Exhaust tips are polished with a quality protective metal polish.
  • Glass is thoroughly cleaned inside and out.
  • Interior surfaces are wiped down and dressed with a non-silicon dressing.
  • Leather is cleaned and conditioned.
  • Interior vacuumed and left clean and fresh.
  • Protective coatings can be applied to glass and interior fabrics/leather, all at additional cost.
  • Exterior receives a final inspection and wipe down with a protective spray sealant.

This is merely a guide and any specific requirements can be accommodated to create a bespoke detail package.


from £849 +VAT

Please note that the price is a guide only as each vehicle is different in terms of size, make, model and condition and therefore some will require more time than others.

All bookings are subject to a non-refundable deposit to reserve specific dates, these dates can be moved subject to a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Free Delivery on orders over £75
UK Mainland Only (Subject to T&C)