Leather Connolising

and Repair

Connolising is a term coined for the re-colouring of leather

The Connolly Tannery (now no longer in existence) was situated next door to the Rolls Royce factory and they built up a reputation based on the fact that they supplied Rolls Royce, even though many other tanneries also supplied RR, including Bridge of Wier, and whose leathers were actually much better quality!

The re-colouring process created by Connolly has since been far outclassed by modern techniques and products and so is now a rather redundant system, but the name lives on as a description of the process.

At Elite Car Care we can offer the following services to restore your interior:

  • Leather repair – areas of high wear such as bolsters can be re-coloured and restored to their original look
  • Scuffs Removed
  • Cigarette burns and minor tears repaired
  • Sunlight fading and stitching problems
  • Door cards repaired
  • Dashboard holes removed

All repairs are durable and the colour is perfectly matched. If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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