Professional Window Tinting

Factory Look Finish

Elite Car Care are specialist installers of tinted and security automotive window films.

All our car window tinting installations are professionally completed in our fully equipped, clinically clean premises. This is to ensure the very best blemish free installation using the latest techniques.

There are vast differences between the first class installations and the performance, quality and warranty’s on the window films we use when compared to our alleged competitors. All installation work is carried out in a clinically clean workshop, with perfect lighting and ample space to achieve the best possible finish.

Why Choose Elite Car Care for Window Tinting?

  • All Films are installed in the perfect environment.
  • All Films are metalized and are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime ownership warranty against fading. Most of the cheaper services will offer a dyed film which will soon fade, a dyed film will also reduce visibility as objects will appear the colour of the dye and not their true colour.
  • All door cards and trims are removed prior to fitting, the ensure a perfect seal, right to the edge of the glass.
  • Multi-stage filtered water is used to ensure the cleanest installation possible
  • Blemish free results
  • A factory looking finish of the highest standard
  • No joins or unsightly light gaps

Which grade of films are available?

  • Light Smoke – Upto 45% Visible Light Transmitted
  • Medium Smoke – Upto 40% Visible Light Transmitted
  • Dark Smoke – Upto 21% Visible Light Transmitted
  • Limousine – Upto 5% Visible Light Transmitted

All films block upto 99% of UV Rays and reject upto 66% of external heat.

What are the advantages of Tinted Windows?

  • Increased Privacy
  • Interior remains cool for children and pets
  • Increased mpg as there’s less of a need for airconditioning
  • Increased Security – interior less visible to potential thieves

I’m concerned about Security, what can you offer me?

We also offer a high quality clear security film available with the following benefits:

  • Break strength of upto 175lbs per inch width
  • Increased protection for passengers during accidents
  • Significantly reduced the risk of smash and grab theft and car jackings
  • Lifetime purchasers warranty
  • Protects interior from tiny particles of glass which can damage surfaces and are almost impossible to remove

To book your vehicle in for Window Tinting, all you have to do is simply phone us and pay a deposit to reserve a convenient date and time.

Free Delivery on orders over £75
UK Mainland Only (Subject to T&C)