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Welcome to the Ultimate brush for cleaning your car, bike and cycle.

For Cars: The EZ Detail brush is perfectly designed for cleaning spoked wheels, the long reach means it can reach the back of your wheels with ease, soft nylex bristles, a bonded tip and vinyl coated wire means it’s the safest wheel brush on the market. The EZ Detail Brush can bend and wash at your desired angle making it a very versatile tool, it can also reach between the brake calliper and the wheel’s edge. Perfect for wide and narrow wheel spokes, the bristles measure nearly 5 inches in width. Ideal for cleaning engines and engine bays too.

For Bikes & Cycles: The EZ Detail brush is perfect for all those tight gaps that most brushes can’t reach, clean the engine, the suspension, the swing-arm, almost anywhere, even does the wheels!

Brush Measures 18×4.5 inches

Made in the USA


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6 reviews for EZ Detail Brush – For Cars and Bikes

  1. James Baldwin

    This brush is the best brush for alloys, no arguement. I used this with Elites Foaming Sprayer and Bilberry and this is the best, fastest and safest wheel cleaning combination I have ever used. My alloys have never looked so bright and clean in a quarter of the time. Yes £17.95 for a brush is expensive, thats exactly what i thought but i took the plunge and i am certainly not disapointed

  2. Mark Bruin

    Excellent brush, will reach to the back/inside of the wheel easily. Had mine for a long time now and it still has it’s original shape after being squashed between the wheel and brake caliper repeatedly.

  3. Fabian Forster

    Great Brush.. Works perfect with Billberry… the price is it worth!

  4. David Brown

    Don’t waste money on a cheaper brush, as it will break soon and need replacing… as mine did.. This brush beats anything else hands down, really good quality. Worth every penny!

  5. tim brady

    This brush + bilberry cleaner is all you need for wheel cleaning jobs. It may be 2x or even 3x the price of the average wheel brush, it’s easily the master of them all.

    Its long enough to get the entire wheel interior + rear of the spokes, firm enough to clean effectively, safe enough for delicate wheels and well built enough to outlast any rival.

  6. Daniel Pindell (verified owner)

    Best brush you can buy frankly. Gets into the tightest spaces no both and doesn’t marr at all.

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