Grit Guard Plus Bucket Set




Grit Guard Plus Bucket Set

Preventing swirl marks is one of the biggest challenges in caring for today’s delicate clear coat finishes.  Grit Guard helps prevent swirl marks inflicted during the wash process, when small particles of dirt and debris are rubbed across the surface of the paint. 

The Grit Guard Plus kit includes a generously proportioned sturdy 20 Litre bucket in white so that you can clearly see the debris at the bottom as you rub your wash mitt against the Grit Guard each time you dunk it in to get more suds. Our new and improved bucket mean the grit guard is very effective, thus keeping all the grit and dirt away from the wash mitt and away from your paintwork.

  • Protect your paintwork from swirl marks
  • Safe wash routine
  • Quality equipment
  • Buy with confidence

Grit Guard plus 20 Litre White Bucket. Bucket lid also available (subject to stock) – please select from drop-down menu below.

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Weight2500.00 g

5 reviews for Grit Guard Plus Bucket Set

  1. Douglas Flockhart

    100% amazed at the amount of grit left behind used daily since..

  2. denise boyle

    Great bit of kit, couldnt believe how much dirt was at the bottom

  3. James Hipwell

    Class product… Amazing how much dirt is at the bottom, even after snow foaming and jet washing.

    Think I will get another one now.

  4. Roger Horton

    This is an excellent set for those who want to use the two-bucket car wash method recommended by most car-wash experts. These are really nice, large strong buckets; the grit guards are top quality, and the availability of lids is a bonus.

  5. Aaron Sokhi (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Been using it for a long time now and thought it deserves a review. Whether you use a single bucket or a 2 bucket method (which prevents scratches and swirls even further) I personally only use 1 bucket. Compared to using this bucket with the grit guard and a bucket without, there is a huge difference. After you have cleaned the car and you go to empty this bucket, you’ll find lots of stones at the bottom. It’s a genius invention as just by having the guard in place prevents those stones from going onto the paintwork. Also, I find the grit guard useful for cleaning my wash mitt, simply by rubbing the mitt on the guard. (Which is what you do during the wash stage of the cars cleaning routine.)
    Whether you only clean the car fortnightly on a Sunday afternoon to a professional Detailer, this is definitely worth having! You’ll also find scratches and swirls will be reduced when using this guard. (Providing you wash the mitt thoroughly and immediately if you drop it on the ground and clean the car from the top to down) I highly recommend this product!

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