CarPro IronX Cherry – Highly Effective Surface Cleaner – 1 Litre

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Highly effective, acid-free and pH balanced (6~7pH) for car paint, wheels & glass (safe for all wheels including aluminum and alloys). This formulation is also effective and safe for use on all car surfaces and will not deteriorate clear coats.

This preventative measure puts a stop to corrosion , IronX contains unique chemical ingredients that effectively dissolves the sintered iron by forming a water soluble iron complex. No other method cleans paint and wheels as deeply as IronX. The IronX Paint and wheels Decontamination System was developed as a method of removing paint contamination beyond what can be removed by washing or claying. If you are familiar with detail clay, you know it is capable of removing above surface contaminants that have bonded to the paint. The IronX is designed to remove what lies below the paint surface.

Airborne chemical compounds and ferrous particles – particles containing iron – actually penetrate the paint and create corrosive compounds that eat deep into the paint's sub-layers or paint's pin-holes. This is a gradual process that often is not evident until it's too late. Claying or polishing only removes the particle, not its effects, which are continuing to spread beneath the surface.

During the use of your vehicle, brake dust and road grime become sintered to the surface of the car paint , rims and wheels due to the high temperature conditions they are normally exposed. Brake dust contains high levels of iron and once sintered to the rim, becomes extremely difficult to dissolve or remove without the use of harsh chemicals. IronX opens up the paint's pores to release ferrous particles and to neutralize caustic compounds that have developed in the paint's subsurface. Ongoing damage is immediately stopped and future damage is prevented by removing the ferrous particles.

IronX sprays on as a thick, transparent, as the cleansing liquid begins to work into the dirt and grime, the formula begins to turn purple/ red. The purple/red coloration is the IronX Cleaner forming a bond to the sintered iron on the car paint and wheel and changing its state to a water soluble complex for easy removal. Stubborn, baked on grime may take a small amount of agitation. Rinse car paint and wheels thoroughly with a power washer and wipe dry.

IronX is used by body shops for pre-cleaning prior to detailing and by dealerships for new and used car prep. It is proven to deliver a clean, glassy smooth vehicle that is protected from the harmful effects of paint contamination. No other is as fast and effective at removing multi-layer paint and wheels contamination. We recommend caution when using IronX on a surface that has received a SMART repair as it may not be compatible with the type of paint used. If you're unsure please check with the SMART repair technician concerned.

How to Use

1. Wash the car or wheels surfaces, make sure surface is in cool temp.
2. Shake well, spray on the surface,rub it in with damp sponge thoroughly, wait 5 min. while contaminants change its color to purple/red, wipe off with damp soft sponge. Don't let the IronX dry completely on surface!
3. Rinse well or power wash the whole surface.  Car is ready to clay now.

Average consumption per complete car: 100 ~ 150ml.
Shelf life: 1 year if kept closed in cool, dry place.

For more information, videos and guides please visit the manufacturers website CLICK HERE

1 Litre bottle (New & Improved Scent)

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2 reviews for CarPro IronX Cherry – Highly Effective Surface Cleaner – 1 Litre

  1. John Curtis

    Two words ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, i’d heard good things about IronX so decided to give it a try. I was amazed at how much contamination from my “CLEAN” car this product removed. It’s great on wheels but it excels on the bodywork, this is where it’s in a class of its own and there’s nothing else like it.

    It takes decontamination to a whole new level. I would also like to thank Elite Car Care for their excellent service and advice, this is why I always come back for more.


  2. Norbert Krasovski

    Blown away! I have read a lot of reviews about this product and once i tried it on the wheels for the overnight “apply and leave” i just used a gentle microfibre to wipe of the transformed brake dust :O

    Haven’t tried on the body work yet, which is my next thing to try.

    And yes as menshioned before i enjoy the level of service from Elite Car Care. Good job people!

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