California Car Scents Air Fresheners Pack of Four

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California Car Scents Air Fresheners Pack of Four

California Car Scents Air Fresheners Pack of Four – The unique air freshener that comes neatly packaged in little cans.

Pop the top and place anywhere you want a fresh scent. As the scent starts to die down rotate the scent pads to rejuvinate the fragrance. After 60 days the canister can be placed in smaller, hidden areas such under your seat. California Scents® keep on working, freshening for months.

They are also ideal for use around the home, also available in a wide variety of fragrances.

Best of all, these products are completely Eco Friendly. Spillproof Canisters are made of 100% organic, non-toxic fragrance oils with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). All packaging and contents are recyclable and bio-degradeable.

Four 42g Scent Cans, choose from the options below:

please note: to avoid delays to orders, any out of stock choices will be replaced by a scent from one of the others chosen.

(Note – These DO NOT come with adjustable lids)

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