Scholl Concepts S17+ High Performance Compound 5kg

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Scholl Concepts S17+ High Performance Compound 5kg

Scholl Concepts S17+ High Performance Compound 5kg is the result of consequent further development of Scholl Concepts’ classic one-step polish S17. A universal cutting compound, like the old S17 it can be used for nearly all types of paint finish applications. Even deep scratches and P1500 grit sanding marks are effortlessly removed in the shortest time. It provides a high cut, brilliant mirror gloss and easy handling.

S17 is a silicone-free multipurpose compound for quick and easy preparation of freshly painted or scratched and badly weathered paintwork. Intelligent microscopic abrasive particles based on aluminium oxide increase speed (cut) significantly and guarantee a brilliant high gloss finish. Suitable for conventional and scratch-resistant paintwork. Cut intensity and gloss level can be regulated by using different polishing pads. Minimal dust production. Maximum cut. Optimal anti-hologram properties. For light to heavily scratched paints. Can be applied by machine or by hand. Apply sparingly – a little goes a long way.

Which pads do I need to use with S17+?

With S17+, cut intensity and gloss level can be regulated by using different polishing pads. For best results, use with the Spider Sandwich Pad, lambswool pads or White Hand Puck (manual application).

To increase cut and remove deep scratches, use with a quality lambswool pad such as the Lake Country Purple Wool or with the Spider Sandwich Pad. The Spider Sandwich Pad has a calibrated 3D surface and black hard interface layer which maintains firmness during heavy polishing applications without the risk of over compression. The spider surface absorbs more compound, allows air to circulate (so less heat is generated during polishing) and maximises the yield of the polish.

Use with the Purple or Blue Foam Pads to eliminate normal scratches and P2000 scratch patterns.

Use S17+ with the Orange Foam Pad or Black Softouch Waffle Pad for final, hologram-free finishing. These pads are particularly effective on delicate paint surfaces.

With S17+ you determine the level of cut and shine with your choice of pad.

Also available in 1kg and 250g sizes.

Cut: 3/6

Gloss: 5/6

5kg bottle

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