Optimum Leather Protectant Plus – Ultimate UV Protection

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Protect leather, vinyl, interior and exterior trim and mouldings with a clean, satin finish!

Optimum Protectant is another innovatove OPT product that cleans, restores and protects a number of interior and exterior surfaces and mouldings. It contains a balance of cleaners, penetrating sealant polymers and UV inhibitors that restore the original colour of these surfaces, hide scratches, and protect against sun damage.

  • Cleans, restores & protects leather, vinyl, interior/exterior trim
  • Contains UV protectants to reduce fading and cracking
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use – Does not streak or run
  • Repels lint & dust
  • Performance guaranteed


Optimum Leather Protectant contains no chemical solvents or other environmentally hazardous compounds. Optimum Leather Protectant contains no VOCs and only the finest methicones and cleaners that are safe for the consumer as well as for the environment.


Why do I need to use a protectant on the vinyl or leather surfaces?
These surfaces are treated to give them protection against scratching and from the elements and to make cleaning easier. Over time, these protectants are lost due to abrasion and exposure to the sun. Optimum Leather Protectant replenishes these oils as well as adding UV protectants to these surfaces.

What is the difference between Optimum Leather Protectant and other vinyl or leather protectants?
Most other products use topical oils that leave a greasy film behind which acts as dust magnet and is transferred to anything that comes in contact with. Optimum Leather Protectant only contains oils that penetrate and adhere to these surfaces which offers long-lasting protection

Does Optimum Leather Protectant change the appearance of these surfaces to a glossy finish?
No. There are some products that are oily and can turn these surfaces shiny temporarily. Optimum Leather Protectant brings back the original colour of these surfaces and keeps the colors from fading over time.

17oz (504ml) spray bottle

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