Meguiars NXT Generation All Metal Polish 142ml

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Meguiars NXT Generation All Metal Polish 142ml

The highest shine possible plus anti-corrosive protection.

Metal is a tricky material to maintain due to its unique reactions to environmental conditions. Rust is a corrosive coating that results from low temperature oxidation and water. Rust isn’t just on the metal, it becomes the metal if not tended to. Metal can also turn blue when exposed to extreme heat caused by high performance engines. Many metal polishes wear down the protective coating on metal surfaces in an attempt to get rid of these blemishes, which results in a dull shine and exposed metal. Meguiar’s NXT Generation All Metal Polysh is different.

Meguiars All Metal Polysh removes discoloration, rust, and tarnish with its diminishing abrasive technology. These tiny abrasives scrub rust and tarnish, but disappear as they work so they will not scratch the shiny metal underneath. Your metal components will look like new without the dull spots that other cleaners can cause.

As All Metal Polysh cleans, it leaves a protective coating over the metal to fight corrosion and environmental degradation. The Engineered Synthetic Polymers shield the metal from moisture and contaminants to prevent future damage.

Use Meguiars All Metal Polysh on metal and chrome plated exhaust pipes, grills, wheels, and trim. Also use this polish to keep your bike components clean and shiny. It also works on all aluminium, brass, copper, silver, and other bright work components.

For best results use a Microfibre Applicator Pad or 100% terry cloth towel to apply a small amount of polish onto the surface. Rub until a shine begins to appear. Wipe clean with another unused terry cloth or microfiber towel. Do not use on gold plating.

Trust Meguiars All Metal Polysh to clean, polish, and protect your metal components without scratching or dulling the bright, reflective finish.

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1 review for Meguiars NXT Generation All Metal Polish 142ml

  1. Gary Robbins

    Strong enough to clean old exhausts but did struggle a bit on heat shields, I recommend Belgom Alu for a better finish.

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