Kranzle M2000 Full Length Trigger Gun M22 12480

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M2000 gun assembly with M22 male fitting to connect hose, and female M22 screw coupling for lance / accessory.

New design for improved comfort during use, the new M-2000 gun has a very soft, easy to operate trigger.

In addition to being soft; when squeezing the trigger gun, to make things even easier… Assisted-operation of the gun uses some of the water pressure to assist you with squeezing the gun, requiring very light squeezing action of the trigger from the user.

For suggested use with:

K 7/120, 7/122, 10/120, 10/122
HD 9/80, HD 12/130
K 1151, K 1151 T
K 1152 TST
K 2160 TS T, K 2175 TS T
K 2195 TS T
Profi 195 TS T
Profi 160 TS T, Profi 175 TS T
quadro 11/140 TS T, 12/150 TS T
quadro 9/170 TS T
quadro 599 TS T
Profi-Jet B 13/150

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