Kranzle K2160 TS Pressure Washer with Dirtkiller

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Kranzle K2160 TS Pressure Washer with Dirtkiller

The new K 2000 series represents continued development of the well-proven Kranzle shuttle series. These machines are industry leaders because of their robustness, modern looking design and top quality engineering. 

Some of the added benefits to the widely successful shuttle series because of new processes and advancements in technology available include:

Inside larger over-dimensioned gears and oil housings are used which are designed for continuous operation, helping to considerably extend the working life of these cleaners. These pumps are made with brass valve casings and ceramic coated stainless steel pistons.


Suitable for domestic, commercial or industrial use, offering up to suggested continuous use between 6 – 8 hours every day.

Rotational moulding, using very strong polyethlene plastic, makes the casing extremely stable and sturdy. Large wheels make it easy to move, even on difficult terrain, and increases stability during operation. Although machines should still be used in the horizontal position.

The letters ‘TS’ in the model name indicate the model is fitted with our Total-Stop system: while Kranzle machines do not need to turn off everytime you let go of the gun because of the superior un-loader system fitted. Excessive, unnecessary ‘on/off’ operation may actually shorten the life of motors, especially when running on extension cables or generators. Conversion between Bypass operation and Total-Stop is possible, relatively quick and easy should you want to use your machine the other way. The ‘TS’ models tested do have lower signs of wear to the seals, resulting with longer periods between servicing required. Energy costs are lower because when the trigger gun is released the motor stops automatically, then when the trigger gun is squeezed again, the machine restarts. The motor and pump only run when they are actually needed, saving electricity.


There are storage compartments for the trigger gun, Dirtkiller lance and Vario lance built into the casing of the machine. Winding lugs for the power cable keep the 5M power cable tidy, and also double as a quick storage grip for the lance and trigger gun in between use.


  • Total-Stop system (engine stops when your not using it)
  • Operating pressure 30-135bar/2350 psi
  • Water flow 10.5 Ltrs/Min
  • Motor Speed: 1400rpm
  • Starting Load: 3.2KW
  • Running Load: 2.4KW
  • Max suction height 2.5m
  • High pressure hose 10m steel braided and rubber coated
  • Supply 230-240v
  • Weight 44.5 kgs
  • Dimensions 370x360x900mm


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