Gyeon Q2 Booster 30ml Super Hydrophobic Top Coat

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Gyeon Q2 Booster 30ml Super Hydrophobic Top Coat for Ceramic Coatings

Q2 Booster is the easiest way to get the most out of your coating of choice. No matter whether it’s Q2 One, Q2 Mohs or something outside the Gyeon range, you can increase durability and hydrophobicity in a massive way.

If you love extreme beading, Q2 Booster is the finest product on the market to achieve it. It generates extreme hydrophobicity, when paired with HQ quartz coatings, reaching a contact angle of up to 120 degrees.

Along with hydrophoby, Q2 Booster ensures a huge increase in self-cleaning properties combined with superb anti-static properties. It also ensures anti-graffiti properties, making the removal of any type of staining easy and fast.

The application of Q2 Booster is child’s play. Prepare the surface, ensuring an oil/grease free finish and apply moderate amounts in a criss-cross motion. Thank’s to the fast evaporating formula, Q2 Booster requires only light and easy polishing.

Q2 Booster is a very long-lasting beading top coat. Based on a quartz coating like Q2 One or Q2 Mohs, it will prolong total beading by up to 12 months.

Set Contains:

  • Q2 Booster 30ml
  • Foam block applicator
  • 4 x Microsuede applicator cloths

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