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Leather is only skin and must be treated in much the same way as your own skin – dirt and sunlight are the enemies.  When mechanics get dirt ingrained in their fingers it eventually cracks them, and the same happens to leather – dirt must not be allowed to get deep into the creases and pores of leather.  Human perspiration in particular attacks leather, so regular cleaning of your leather trimmed steering wheel is a must.

Any product that promises to clean and condition in one cannot do either job properly.  To condition it must soak in immediately, therefore it must take the dirt in with it.  Any conditioner that needs leaving for a long time and then polishing off cannot soak in completely, therefore it leaves a sticky residue, to which dust and dirt will cling.

Gliptone Liquid Leather Intensive Cleaner is pH balanced to the pH of fine leather.  Mild yet concentrated it is suitable for cleaning all sealed leathers, and is especially good at removing ingrained dirt from the creases of neglected leather when agitated gently with a soft brush (available in our Accessories section).  Follow with Liquid Leather Conditioner or Liquid Leather Conditioner & Waterproofer for extra protection on convertible interiors. 

Use Liquid Leather Gentle Cleaner in between treatments (especially on convertible interiors) to prevent build up of dirt and help to keep your precious leather soft, supple and in superb condition.

  • pH balanced to the pH of fine leather
  • Cleans all sealed leathers safely and thoroughly
  • Restores the natural beauty and resilience of leather as it cleans without harmful removal of natural oils
  • Preserves strength and durability
  • Not suitable for Suede or Nubuck
  • Also great for three piece suites, motorcycle leathers, walking boots, saddles and handbags!

The professionals charge you £50 to clean and condition your seats and these are the products they use.  Recommended by the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club Interior Care and Renovation Seminars, Gliptone liquid leather products are used or sold by: Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Ferrari (Maranello Concessionaires), Aston Martin, TVR, Bristol Cars, Saab GB, and many more vehicle specialists and car care enthusiasts.

Here are just a few of the comments received from very satisfied buyers of Gliptone ‘s range of leathercare products:

“40 years of grime disappeared – very happy “

“looks and smells like new .10/10 thanks”

“My 10 year old leather really does look and smell BRAND NEW!! does a great job

“Products work A1 on old BMW upholstery. Now look like new ”

The picture below shows a genuine Jaguar seat, half of which has merely been cleaned and conditioned with Liquid Leather – it has NOT been re-coloured.



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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Wipe over leather with soft damp cloth to remove surface dirt. Apply cleaner neat from the bottle and GENTLY STIR into the leather with a soft brush. DO NOT SCRUB. Leave for a few minutes then stir again, finally wiping off the dirt with a damp cloth.  Repeat if necessary.  Leave leather to dry, then apply two coats of Liquid Leather Conditioner or Liquid Leather Conditioner & Waterproofer – this will soak in immediately, no polishing off is required if you apply sparingly, and a couple of hours later you can use the leather.

1 Litre bottle

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1 review for Gliptone GT12 Liquid Leather Cleaner – 1 Litre

  1. Dominic Rawle

    This is really good stuff.
    My leather seats in my 8 year old Audi were starting to go a bit a shiny and hard. This stuff combined with the condition brought them back to the soft satin finish they once were.

    I also used this on my leather steering wheel which got rid of the shinyness. Although you do need to let it dry out for a bit as it’s a bit greasy.

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