Elite Large Blue Detail Wheel Brush – For Cars and Bikes

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Clean the most intricate vehicle and motorcycle surfaces with this detail brush!

Welcome to the Ultimate brush for cleaning your car, bike and cycle.

For Cars: The Elite Detail brush is perfectly designed for cleaning spoked wheels, the long reach means it can reach the back of your wheels with ease, soft nylex bristles, a bonded tip and vinyl coated wire means it’s the safest wheel brush on the market. The Elite Detail Brush can bend and wash at your desired angle making it a very versatile tool, it can also reach between the brake calliper and the wheel’s edge. Perfect for wide and narrow wheel spokes, the bristles measure 4.5 inches in width. Ideal for cleaning engines and engine bays too.

  • Professional 1ft reach
  • Bonded Vinyl Tip
  • Rubber Protective Sleeve
  • Rubber Protective Knuckle Guard

For Bikes & Cycles: The Elite Detail brush is perfect for all those tight gaps that most brushes can’t reach, clean the engine, the suspension, the swing-arm, almost anywhere, even does the wheels!

Brush Measures 18×4.5 inches


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