Bouncer’s Bazzy Ooka Bubblegum Air Freshener 100ml

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Bouncer’s Bazzy Ooka Bubblegum Air Freshener Spray 100ml

Think Bazooka Joe, think 70’s bubblegum, Bouncer’s Bazzy Ooka Bubblegum Air Freshener has nailed the fragrance. Bubblegum air fresheners are very popular in general but this one definitely has the edge. The smell will definitely take you back to your childhood, whether it was in the 70’s 80’s 90’s or beyond.

Made of all natural ingredients and packaged in a very handy, ergonomic 100ml pump spray so you can take it anywhere and enjoy the Fizz on the go.

A Bouncer’s own blend, something different they said. Fed up with ‘normal’ air fresheners, Bouncer’s have blended and designed a range of scents that feature in their range, or specially requested.

Each one thought through and each fragrant note placed in upper and lower tones to carry the goodness. A few short sprays into the carpet, headlining or cockpit will carry the scent. Don’t sray into eyes or face. They do indeed smell good but don’t wear as a bodyspray or spray onto self as part of Friday night out preparations.

Additional scents in the new range include:

100ml spray bottle

Manufactured in Buckinghamshire UK



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