Bilt Hamber Autowash Shampoo 500ml

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Bilt-Hamber Auto-wash is a new technology, highly powerful, environmentally friendly vehicle shampoo, formulated and manufactured to allow you to effortlessly, gently and effectively clean your paintwork before sealing with the highly acclaimed Auto-balm. 

Auto-wash is anti-corrosive to bare steel too, ideal for owners of older vehicles which may have stone chips or exposed areas of mild steel.  The highly concentrated formula means that less is needed to add to your water. 

Not only do you save money, but the added benefit of this is simple – there is less matter to remove from your paintwork prior to polishing. In fact, as a single shampoo can be carried out with just a single 5ml teaspoon, one wash will cost you less than 11 pence.

Bilt-Hamber Auto-wash uses powerful surfactants to create a high foam level.  This simply means that particulate matter is lifted away from the paint, where it can be safely removed with reduced risk of scratching or damage to your car’s paintwork; essential we think, for older vehicles and bikes with delicate paint.

  • Anti-corrosive – won’t corrode bare steel caused by stone chips
  • Highly concentrated formula – 1 teaspoon per wash
  • Can be used neat to remove stubborn stains
  • High level foam – lifts dirt away from surface reducing the risk of scratches and swirl marks

500ml Plastic Screwtop Bottle

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3 reviews for Bilt Hamber Autowash Shampoo 500ml

  1. Robert Wood

    Probably the best wash i have every used, 5ml of wash goes a very long and will last a life time !!

  2. Saul Muñoz

    One of my favorites. Little bit boring but very effective and economical!

  3. Daniel Pindell (verified owner)

    I actually count believe that it only needed a teaspoon in for a 20L bucket, but it absolutely cleans at that ratio, and adding more doesn’t seem to make a difference. My only gripe is no suds. I would like a bit more lubrication when washing. But for cleaning duty it does what it says!

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