Bilt Hamber Autoclay Soft 200g

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Bilt Hamber Autoclay Soft 200g

The new softer auto-clay compliments the existing firmer bar. Its ideally suited for claying intricate areas of modern panel folds and folding the bar to reveal clean clay is going to make the whole process quicker too.

While we would suggest that our original bar is still preferred for the super-smoothing of not previously clayed paint, or removing overspray, the soft bar is a perfect more routine compliment to it, allowing the more regular detailer to keep silky smooth paintwork with the absolute minimum of effort and fuss.

Both of the Bilt-Hamber auto-clay bars are formulated with finely divided low hardness minerals so that the abrasive effect is reduced when compared to other brands. Both still use just water as a lube (so you can now save money by not needing lube for 2 different consistencies of clay) and both will continue to rely on their shear effect to remove contamination rather than wearing away the embedded matter. Clay bars that rely on abrasion abrade paint too, and yes.. Soft Clay will be gentler.

Unlike many other clays on the market, Auto-clay is formulated to use normal tap water for lubrication. Some clay bars contain surfactants such as powdered detergents or soaps and long-term use of these can have adverse effects on paint systems – Auto-clay contains no surfactants, detergents, soaps or other soluble materials.

Grit contamination cannot be removed by washing, waxing or polishing. Cutting compounds remove a thin layer of paint but still leave the grit behind. Auto-clay is a superior synthetic clay bar which effortlessly lifts contamination from paint surfaces, leaving them super smooth.  It also comes in a neat plastic box for storage between uses.

  • Even more user friendly from the pack – soft and pliable.
  • Perfect for more regular work.
  • Improves durability
  • Gentler action.
  • Still water compatible.
  • Still a big 200g – twice what you get with many other bars.
  • Comes in a plastic sealable container

200g bar storage box

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2 reviews for Bilt Hamber Autoclay Soft 200g

  1. tim brady

    Great quality clay, even this softer version is far better than the Mequiars retail one. Its ideal for all horizontal surfaces and upper body verticals. Use the slightly coarser version for the lower body and wheel arch / fender areas where the nasty stuff tends to be.

    Its massive, so cut the clay into 4 squares and its good for at least 4 full details – superb value, though I didn’t have the nerve to lubricate with just water, stuck with the Poorboys spray n wipe.

    To any first timers – claying may sound scary but once you do it, its a cinch. just use your hand in a ziploc pouch to feel where grit is and go heavy with the lube !

  2. Ron Dennis

    This is the first time i have used clay and could,nt believe the results. Paint was left silky smooth and small blemishes were gone. I used the soft clay as other reviews said it was the best, how right they were.

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