Bilt Hamber Auto wheel 1 Litre

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Bilt Hamber Auto wheel 1 Litre

Bilt Hamber Auto wheel is a pH neutral high activity wheel cleaner, designed to deep clean even the filthiest of vehicle road wheels, with a minimal amount of mechanical agitation. 

Acid based wheel cleaners are very effective but can attack alloy if damage to the protective lacquer occurs. Similarly alkaline or caustic wheel cleaners can damage substrates in a similar fashion.  Alloy wheels are bombarded by hot particles that are generated from the braking surfaces – the most destructive of these are metallic and iron based, while still hot the embed themselves by effectively melting their way into the lacquer film, thousands together make a rough and very convenient surface for debris to adhere to and are difficult to clean. 

Acid based cleaners are typically the most effective as they attack the metallic objects reducing their size which allows them to be released from the lacquer.  Auto Wheel provides the same release function by using a unique chelating process that renders the iron particles water soluble even though the pH remains neutral together with a strong degreasing action auto-wheel provides safe effective wheel cleaning.

1 litre spray bottle

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3 reviews for Bilt Hamber Auto wheel 1 Litre


    one of the best wheel cleaners on the market. works well on all types of wheels and dont smell as bad as some wheel cleaners can.

  2. Tom Lillie

    I was astounded when I first used this – i had been using Autoglym custom wheel cleaner, but this is in a different league.
    Spray it on, give it a good agitate with a long wheel brush (I love the EZ detail brushes, makes the process super easy), leave for a few minutes and blast it off with your pressure washer.
    I’ve discovered you don’t even need to use very much – just cover the wheel surfaces.
    Smells OK and doesn’t strip your hands like caustic cleaners.
    Combine with dodo juice supernatural tar remover to get rid of those annoying tar splatters that wheel cleaner doesn’t really shift.
    Perfect wheels with minimum fuss.

  3. Earl Alleyne

    Amazing stuff. It does a really good job with hardly any effort.
    Even the inside of the rim was cleaned a part i wasn’t really bothered about. Worth every penny.

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