Autoglym Wheel Cleaning Mousse

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Autoglym Wheel Cleaning Mousse

Autoglym Wheel Cleaning Mousse is a safe and effective cleaner that spreads a thick mousse over every surface of your wheel to ensure complete coverage. It also expands into the hard to reach areas of your wheels to give a thorough clean. When the mousse is ready to agitate, the Colour Transform Technology will turn it red as it reacts to loosen brake dust. Autoglym Wheel Cleaning Mousse is pH neutral and is safe to use on all wheel types and finishes.

How to use this product

1. Ensure your wheels are cool to the touch and avoid direct sunlight as this may result in damage.

2. Rinse wheels and then apply the cleaner generously from the bottom up, fully coating the wheel surface.

3. As the mousse starts to react and loosen break dust it will start to turn red. When this happens, agitate with a wheel brush or sponge, concentrating on any dirt trap areas including the tyre wall.

4. Rinse thoroughly, ensuring the product is fully removed before you start to work on the next wheel.

Autoglym Wheel Cleaning Mousse is not suitable for use on motorcycles.


What is Autoglym Wheel Cleaning Mousse?

Wheel Cleaning Mousse is a pH neutral cleaner that expands and clings to the contours of all wheels ensuring total coverage on contact time with brake dust and other contaminants.

How does Wheel Cleaning Mousse work?

Wheel Cleaning Mousse contains special ingredients which react with iron and general soiling particles transforming them into a solution that can easily be rinsed away. The expanding foaming ensures that those difficult-to-reach areas of the wheel still get cleaned.

Can Wheel Cleaning Mousse be used on painted alloys and calipers?

Wheel Cleaning Mousse has been tested extensively on a wide selection of wheels and calipers with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) finishes.

What happens if Wheel Cleaning Mousse dries on to my alloys?

We would strongly advise that the product is not allowed to dry on the wheel. However if it does, simply reapply the product to re-activate and then rinse off.

Is Autoglym Wheel Cleaning Mousse pH neutral?

Yes. It is safe to use on all alloy types.

How many applications will have with one can?

One can of Wheel Cleaning Mousse should be able to clean a full set of average sized wheels on at least four occasions.

Will the foam change colour? If so, why?

Yes, Wheel Cleaning Mousse reacts with iron particles (brake dust) to turn them red/purple. The colour transform technology has been created to reassure the user that the product is working and is just about ready to be rinsed away.

What is the fragrance of Wheel Cleaning Mousse?

Wheel Cleaning Mousse has a refreshing lemon soda fragrance.

How does Wheel Cleaning Mousse differ from Magma?

Although they share the same Colour Transform Technology which shows the product working, Wheel Cleaning Mousse is a stronger all round wheel cleaner designed to remove all wheel contamination, not just brake dust.

How does Wheel Cleaning Mousse differ from Clean Wheels/Custom Wheel Cleaner?

Clean Wheels is our strongest wheel cleaner and is particularly effective at removing engrained dirt from heavily soiled wheels. It is an acid-based formulation.

Custom Wheel Cleaner is a safer wheel cleaner designed for use on more specialist wheel finishes. It is an acid free formulation.

Wheel Cleaning Mousse is pH Neutral and so is safe on all OEM wheel types, including Alocoa and Durabrite. Its point of difference over the other two wheel cleaners is the expanding foam to ensure complete coverage and the colour transform technology. Both features are intended to make the user’s job easier.

Do I need to agitate the foam once applied?

In the majority of cases agitation to the wheel will be required to ensure all contamination is removed. However, a touchless wash can be achieved if the wheels are cleaned regularly and the soiling is light.

Can Wheel Cleaning Mousse damage my driveway?

Please ensure all rinse water is thoroughly removed from driveways.

Is Autoglym Wheel Cleaning Mousse safe to touch?

We recommend that if Wheel Cleaning Mousse comes into contact with skin that it is rinsed off with water. If skin irritation occurs please seek medical advice.

Is Wheel Cleaning Mousse safe to use on all wheel types?

Yes. Autoglym Wheel Cleaning Mousse has been developed and tested for use on all wheel types. It is pH neutral and safe to use on chrome, split rim and painted wheels as long as product instructions are followed.

500ml spray can

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