Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes

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Bird Dropping Wipes – A clean fix for a mucky job

Car owners ignore bird droppings at their peril. They are highly corrosive and begin to attack paintwork almost straight away. Within an hour or two the paint will be dulled and worse still in a day or two paintwork could be permanently blemished. Nothing can stop the corrosion. Swift removal of the dropping is the only answer.

Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes contain all the necessary ingredients to soften and remove even the most stubborn deposits in a convenient and easy to use impregnated wipe form.

Always keep a pack in the boot or the glovebox and every time you spot an offending deposit use one of the wipes to sweep away the problem and re-deposit it in the nearest bin.

Also ideal for windows at home, caravans, vans, trucks, motorcycles and boats.

  • Does not leave a residue
  • No need to wash the paintwork after use
  • Individual Sealed Sachets – product won’t dry out
  • Convenient size, can be easily kept in glovebox

Box contains 10 sachets

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2 reviews for Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes

  1. Aaron Sokhi (verified owner)

    each sachet is like a baby wipe. But used to remove bird droppings. You don’t get many sachets, so I recommend buying a few boxes. This is a good product at also removing bug splatter from the bumper.

    It lifts and softens bird droppings with no problem. The product is something to carry in the boot or glovebox. It’s a must have because it doesn’t take long for the acid in bird droppings to damage and burn the paintwork! Leaving a horrible, hazy/swirl mark. Which is noticeable. (especially on darker cars)

    If you get this product, make sure you check the car for droppings. Ideally every time you go to drive the car. Catch the bird droppings early and it shouldn’t damage the paintwork. You will need to apply wax to the area asap as bird droppings eat away at wax.

    Also you may want to carry a micro-fibre cloth to wipe the area down as this product leaves a residue. But its not harmful to the paintwork.

  2. Thomas Fritsch

    Bought it because I considered it a fun product. But it turned of to be a good weapon against bird drop, even if it had already dried on the paint.
    5 stars.

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