Correction Detail (Three Day Booking)

What is included in this service?

This detail is designed to remove major paint defect and significantly enhance the colour and surface gloss of the vehicle. We recommend this service for poorly maintained vehicles of all ages. The work involved will remove swirl marks, light scratches, wash marring and holograms caused by previous inadequate polishing and/or visits to the bodyshop for paintwork. A multi stage machine polishing process removes a minimal amount of the uppermost layer of paint to reveal “as new” paintwork beneath. Paint Depth reading are taken on every panel before machine polishing commences to ensure there are adequate levels to begin with. In essence we can achieve at least 95% correction, although the severity of defects and paint depth levels and previous repairs can limit this.

The higher price charged reflects the amount of work required to achieve this level of finish and can be justified by the increase in the residual value of the vehicle. This is a service we provide to a number of prestige car dealerships as the finished results can add thousands to the sales price of some vehicles.

  • Vehicle thoroughly pre-washed, degreased and tar deposits removed using a combination of our own formula wax-safe pre-wash, citrus degreasers and tar removers followed by a wash with a pH neutral shampoo and soft natural lambswool mitts
  • Wheels, arches and shuts thoroughly cleaned with non-acidic, quality products
  • Vehicle surfaces and wheels chemically decontaminated and clayed to remove all bonded contamination such as tar, tree sap and brake dust deposits.
  • Vehicle dried carefully using a combination of extremely soft, plush towels, drying lubricant and warm air
  • Paint depth readings are taken with the use of an advanced paint thickness gauge
  • The paintwork is meticulously machine polished using a combination of the best cutting compounds and finishing polishes to ensure perfect results
  • The surfaces are then cleaned with a specific prewax cleanser to ensure optimal bonding for a sealant or wax
  • A high grade wax or sealant is carefully applied to further enhance the finish and provide valuable protection for upto six months (sometimes more)
  • A protective wheel sealant is applied
  • Tyres are precleaned to remove traces of previous dressing, then dressing is applied
  • Any unpainted plastics are dressed
  • Exhaust tips are polished with a quality protective metal polish
  • Glass is thoroughly cleaned inside and out
  • Interior surfaces are wiped down and dressed with a non-silicon dressing
  • Leather is cleaned and conditioned
  • Interior vacuumed and left clean and fresh
  • Exterior receives a final inspection and wipedown with a protective spray sealant


Price: from 695.00* – Three to Five Day Booking

*Please note that the price is a guide only, each vehicle is different in terms of size, make, model and condition, some will require more time than others.

All bookings are subject to a non-refundable deposit to reserve specific dates, these dates can be moved subject to a minimum of 48 hours notice.